24th March 23

Health, Safety & Environment

Cardoon Builders, have a strong safety culture throughout the company. Cardoon ensures that their places of work, materials, equipment, plant and machinery, are safe and comply with all statutory requirements.

The company has gone under the assessment of Target Safety Ltd (Safety Management Consultants) with an overall rating given to them of 85%.

Cardoon Builders recognise that safety requires a team effort. Contractors, Sub Contractors and self employed persons are required and are encouraged through a co-operative approach, too ensure that neither there own or the health or safety of others, is put at risk by there work activities.

Ongoing toolbox talks and onsite discussions are all used as means of reinforcing the company’s safety management procedures and safety message to all on site.

The ultimate aim at all levels of the company, is to prevent accidents or injuries to persons at work or to any third parties and to carry out its work as planned with the co-operation and compliance of all our employees and sub-contractors.

All construction is carried out in strict accordance with current building legislation and the health and safety Acts 2007.